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Saturday, December 1, 2012


The Visitation Order founded by St. Jane de Chantal and St. Francis de Sales is very close to Carmel.  St. Therese when she lived at home, and perhaps in Carmel, read the writings of St. Francis de Sales.  Her "Little Way" is almost identical to St. Francis' writings as he too taught a "little way".  Also, St. Therese's blood sister, Leonie, entered the Visitation monastery in Caen, France and became Sr. Francois Therese (Therese after her sister, St. Therese).  So it is not strange to put some of the Visitation order's saints and their writings on a blog all about Carmel!


Our Advent series this year will focus on the Advent prayers , reflections and experiences of various Visitation Sisters, both our mystics as well as other members of  of the Visitation Order of Holy Mary.

We begin with newly declared Venerable Sister Maria Margit Bogner, VHM of Erd, Hungary (1905-1933) whose Cause for beatification is in process. In a private audience this past June 2012, with prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, Cardinal Angelo Amato, Pope Benedict XVI approved the “heroic virtue” of  Servant of God Maria Margit Bogner.

 Sister Maria Margit  lived the liturgical seasons fully, both interiorly and in community. Her interior reflections and prayers were manifested in her diaries and other journal writings. We take these excerpts from the book “Une Tombe Pres du Danube”by Elemer Csavossy SJ, in French, translated by the current blogger.

Sister Maria Margit’s ardor grew throughout Advent. She also prayed in conjunction so very intimately with the Blessed Mother and wrote,
 “O Blessed Virgin, I am close to you, I press up against you in silence, without uttering a word. It is Advent. Our heart quivers. My Mother, I take refuge with you, this Advent is also for me a true Advent, you know it. Put your hand on my heart, o holy Virgin. Do you feel it? Isn’t it so, this poor machine will not be able to go well much farther, anymore? My holy Mother, I wait with you. We listen to the palpitations of His Heart. However, O Holy Virgin, I die of desire to really hold Him in my arms with you. My Holy Mother, forgive my boldness, I am dust, I know it, but I am driven irresistibly; I ardently desire His arrival in me. I would hold him tightly in my arms, to protect him from all offenses, to delight Him with my love, to avoid the wounds caused by the coldness of hearts. May he listen to the soft murmur of my lips, the ardent quivering of my heart! O my little Jesus, I beg you, look at me, plunge your eyes in mine! I cover them with kisses, in order to hide from them all that could cause you sorrow. Sleep, Jesus. I, during this time, will beg for you the love of hearts. I will ask of them that they will let themselves be filled with your graces, to receive your spirit so that you can come back to life in them.”(page 77)

The depth of intimacy in this Advent prayer is incredibly profound, the imagery so tangible, her humanity so prominent.She has the simplicity of a child, as well as  a childlike boldness.She states her union with the Blessed Mother; together they await the birth of the infant Jesus, listening.

What Sr. Maria Margit has, she shares and wants to build in others. So the circle of her concern and love widens from the profound intimacy with the Blessed Mother to all.

Suggestion: Pray Venerable Maria Margit’s Advent prayer today!

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