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Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Embracing the Cross" poem by St. Teresa of Avila

Embracing the Cross                              

To heaven let us walk, 
Nuns of Carmel.

Embracing the cross,
Let us follow Jesus,
He is our way and light.
Abounding in consolations,
Nuns of Carmel.

Guard more than your eyes,
Your three vows professed
From a thousand distress,
Nuns of Carmel.
The vow of obedience,
Is of great wisdom,
Only in resisting it
Does harm come.
Heaven deliver you,
Nuns of Carmel.

Keep with great care
Chastity's vow;
Seek God alone,
Be cloistered in Him,
Look at nothing earthly,
Nuns of Carmel.

What is named poverty
If with purity kept
Is with riches overflowing
Opening Heaven's Gates,
Nuns of Carmel.

Opponents we conquer
In following this way,
At last we will rest in
The Maker of Heaven and Earth,
Nuns of Carmel.

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